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Our Mission

The mission of AAF Acadiana is to serve as a resource and support organization to build a sense of community for advertising, marketing, public relations and media professionals through educational opportunities, professional and personal development and recognition and the encouragement of future professionals in the industry.

Our Purpose

    • To unify the advertising professionals of the community into a cooperative group
    • To provide a medium for the exchange of professional interests
    • To promote better, truthful advertising, marketing and merchandising
    • To simulate creative and mechanical achievement in advertising
    • To encourage the pursuit of advertising and marketing among young people
    • To promote greater effectiveness in the use of advertising as an instrument for distribution
    • To recognize and honor those engaged in the advertising community
    • To cultivate a better understanding of the economic and social value of advertising within community
    • To promote legislation favorable to the advertising community
    • To support the general aims and objectives of the American Advertising Federation, Inc.