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The Benefits of Being a Board Member

Donating your time to AAF will result in a common desire--to better the advertising community in Acadiana. By working amongst your peers from differing agencies and businesses, you'll be able to lend your voice and shape the future of our club. Your involvement could lead to new initiatives and ideas that will keep Acadiana at the forefront of innovation and creativity in Southwest Louisiana. Your efforts today will make an everlasting impression on our organization.

To submit your nomination, click the link below and submit your area of interest and a brief description of why you'd be a great fit for the position. 

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Current Slate for the 2016-17 Board

President: Blake Lagneaux | Right Angle 

Past-President: Kellie Viola | BBR Creative

AAAwards: Raymond Credeur | Graham Group

Treasurer: Christopher Allain | Vidox

Student Relations Co-chairs: Andre Dugal, BBR Creative  |  Lucian Dinu, UL Lafayette

Community Outreach: Kori LeCompte | Wide Web Marketing

Secretary: Lauren Ducote | BBR Creative

Open Board Positions


The ideal candidate should have strong copywriting skills and a passion for connecting with our members. The Communications chair is responsible for the creation and implementation of all communications to our membership, prospects and media partners. Additionally, they are responsible for developing a committee to help assist with such tasks as:

    • Working with the President to produce the club newsletter
    • Overseeing regular communications on our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
    • Working with the Technology chair to ensure club communications are added to the website
    • Creating and disseminating press releases and publicity campaigns
    • Working directly with the media to create news about our events and programs
    • Serving as a proof reader for all documents created on behalf of the club
    • Collecting updates from our members to share in local and district club news



The ideal candidate should be passionate about promoting our club and enjoy the pursuit of creating partnerships for our organization. This chair is responsible for overseeing all club fundraising and sponsorships through the development of a committee. Together, they shall accomplish:

    • Creating long-term partnerships between local businesses and our club
    • Overseeing the planning, promotions and donations for the annual AAF Acadiana Auction
    • Working with the Technology chair to ensure sponsorship opportunities are added to the website
    • Serving on the AAAward's committee to assist with securing sponsorships for the event


The ideal candidate should enjoy networking with professionals in the pursuit of creating new memberships for our organization. This chair is responsible for developing a committee that is dedicated to overseeing the maintenance and growth of our membership. Together, they shall accomplish:

    • The production of necessary information and tools to successfully retain and grow club membership
    • Collaboration with the President to develop a marketing plan to ensure continual growth for the club
    • Helping the Bookkeeper with invoicing and payment of membership dues
    • Initiating new members to the club
    • Working with the Technology chair to ensure membership information and promotions are current on the website
    • Keeping an up-to-date membership list
    • Maintaining the RSVP list on the website and attending all luncheons to assist with check-ins
    • Creating an open dialogue with members to ensure that any feedback or concerns are heard by the Board


The ideal candidate should enjoy structure, organization and communication, as these attributes will be key for this role. Responsibilities include ensuring a well-rounded year of programs are planned for our membership. This board member will be responsible for developing a committee to help assist with such tasks as:

    • Overseeing the selection of relevant luncheon speakers
    • Scheduling all travel and housing accommodations for speakers
    • Securing presentation titles, headshots and bios for promotional use 
    • Overseeing the production of the promotional postcard
    • Working with the Technology chair to ensure that luncheon promotions are added to the website
    • Assembling a welcome committee to entertain the speaker during their stay
    • Sending thank-you letters to speakers after each luncheon


The ideal candidate should have an aptitude for working with websites / code. Responsibilities include ensuring that the club's website is relevant, current and accurately reflects the organization’s activities. This chair is also responsible for making sure the club has the technology needed to be relevant and to conduct operations. 

Nominations received: Michelle O'Neal, Wide Web Marketing

What are the Requirements to Serve as an AAF Board Member?

In general, board members must be willing to devote the necessary time and interest to achieve their individual responsibilities. The year runs from July 1 to June 30. Regular attendance at board meetings is key for making progress for our club. Meetings are once a month and generally last an hour and half. During this time, board members are expected to possess the ability and willingness to speak one's opinion and also listen to other's views in a respectful manner. A board report to quickly recap and share your progress is required for each meeting.

It's also important to note that board members are expected to form committees of individuals willing to lend you a hand. It's impossible to think that one person can see to every task and responsibility that is required of a board position. Establishing a committee can not only help delegate these tasks, but also acts as a way to find candidates for future leadership positions. Keeping regular communication with the President is also key. It's their responsibility to offer guidance and find assistance when you find yourself with a challenge.

Lastly, board members are expected to make frequent interacts with our members and to also make an effort to promote the club to business contacts. Through this effort, we can continue to ensure that AAF is the unified voice of advertising in Acadiana!