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Student Scholarships

BADvertising [bahd-ver-tahy-zing]


1. The act or practice of producing elements of advertising that are so bad, consumers flock to social media to leave their angry commentary.

2. How students can make a little extra $$$ this spring. 

This year, AAF Acadiana is awarding up to $2,000 worth of scholarships to students! Students are required to submit an essay based on this year's theme of "bad" advertising. Through research and strategy, we ask students to solve some of today's biggest advertising blunders. 

Download the Application

2016 Student Scholarship Application 2016 Student Scholarship Application (90 KB)


• Must be enrolled as a full-time student at a local university

• Must be in a major with an emphasis in advertising such as Advertising, Marketing, Communications, Graphic Design, Public Relations or Broadcasting


• Submit the completed application form (link below)

• Submit proof of current GPA and major

• Provide a current resume with any academic honors, special projects, activities and/or work experience that you would like the Scholarship Selection Committee to consider.

• Submit an essay discussing the following criteria:

(1) Select the following "bad" advertising essay topic based on your major and discuss your recommendations for improvement. As with all great advertising, strategies should be backed by research. Please site at least 3 sources of research within your essay to support your recommendations. Students are welcome to include loose sketches, story boards, scripts and/or original copy samples to help support their recommendations. (No word limit.)

- Advertising / Broadcast / Communication / Marketing: Mountain Dew's Kickstart 'PuppyMonkeyBaby' Super Bowl 50 commercial

- Graphic Design: McDonald's latest packaging redesign

- Public Relations: Protein World's "Are Your Beach Bod Ready?" campaign backlash

(2) A brief description from the applicant outlining his or her career goals and intentions if awarded a scholarship. (250 word max)


Up to $2,000 worth of scholarships will be awarded based on the merit of applications. 

Deadline & Submission

Provide all application requirements by email attachment in a single .pdf to president@aafacadiana.comAll scholarship application submissions must be received by Friday, April 1, 2016, no later than 5 p.m.

Recipient Notification

Winners will be notified by Monday, April 11th via email and awarded at the Student Showcase on Friday, April 15, 2016. 


Contact Kellie Viola at