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American Advertising Awards

This committee produces the local American Advertising Awards® (AAAwards) show. Volunteer possibilities begin early fall and include concept, sponsorships, writing and graphic design assistance for call for entries and program, developing show concept, coordinating judge's travel, helping with actual entry and judging coordination, decorations and producing the show event. The event is usually held in February.

Kellie Viola, BBR Creative |


The purpose of this committee is to produce all communications to our members, prospective members and the media via our website, social media accounts and e-newsletters. Committee members will also help coordinate disseminate press releases and publicity campaigns and work directly with reporters and the media to share AAF news.

Laurel Hess, Rally Marketing |

Community Outreach

This committee works to increase the cultural diversity of our membership, as well as coordinating AAF Acadiana’s community service. They help to coordinate activities with other committees. Responsibilities include assisting with membership recruitment, assisting in scheduling speakers who bring new ideas on multiculturalism to the industry, working with Student Outreach to recognize top minority talent for entry-level positions, getting the membership to participate in activities that increase understanding of diversity and its importance in careers and the workplace as well as connect minority students with professionals in the industry.

Mary Cormaci, Rally Marketing |


This committee will handle all fundraising events. This refers mainly to our annual Media Auction, where area media buyers come together to get some of the best media deals in town. Based on income goals and budget responsibilities, fundraising may include concept, writing and design, invitations and posters, event planning, finding and coordinating donated items and media, event photography, PR and coordination and decoration for actual events.

Maggie Stokes, BBR Creative |


This committee will retain and engage current club members. This committee will help recruit new, quality members. Efforts include creating necessary recruitment materials and strategies, getting potential member targets to attend meetings and making sure that everything is in order to welcome them properly, and helping to develop and implement a membership drive.

Laura Hebert, BBR Creative |


The purpose of this committee is to find speakers for monthly membership meetings and/or workshops and to coordinate the speaker’s travel. Programs is to provide all of the important information, including but not limited to, the speakers bio, headshot and program content description, for upcoming speakers in a timely manner to the Communications and Technology committees for the purpose of promoting program content to AAF Acadiana members and external media partners.

Susie Gottardi, Hilliard University Art Museum |
AJ McGee, Right Angle Advertising

Student Relations

The purpose of this committee is to improve communications, share programs and increase educational opportunities between AAF Acadiana and area colleges and universities. Activities may include helping to maintain student AAF Chapters at ULL and within our area’s prolific community and technical college system, organizing scholarship efforts, helping to administrate internship programs through local colleges at area agencies, developing and running workshops and conferences and coordinating student sponsorships for monthly membership meetings.

Andre Dugal, BBR Creative |

Drake Glatter | Student Ambassdaor


As the world becomes more technology focused, the chair of this committee needs to make sure AAF Acadiana is on top of the latest technology trend. The chair will assemble like-minded people to ensure that our web goals are being effectively met for, not only the AAF Acadiana website, but all of the committee’s needs. They will also back up and assist the Communications chair with social media needs.

Michelle L. O'Neal, Wide Web Marketing |